Our History


Idea Development

In 1985, paper insulated cables were becoming a thing of the past and solid dielectric cables such as XLPE cables were making its way into the market. NKF undertook the task of developing a brand new concept to efficiently and effectively connect solid dielectric high voltage cables.


Concept Finalization

After many years of exhaustive development and testing, the concept for Click-Fit was completed. After a number of material selection iterations, silicone rubber was selected for the final concept.


Patent Filing & First Recorded Commercial Installation

In 1992, Click-Fit achieved two major milestones. The first was the filing of the patent for Click-Fit with the European patent office. The patent was officially published later in 1993. The second major milestone was the first commercial installation of the Click-Fit in a high voltage grid.


First North American Project

Click-Fit first crossed the Atlantic ocean to be installed in North America in 1996. Click-Fit joints were installed in manholes on the East coast.


Project EMAL: Supply of network components to the worlds largest single-site aluminum smelter complex

In a period of 2 years, the EMAL plant was upgraded and 1000MW of generating capacity was added to the power plant. For the upgrade, 256 Click-Fit solutions were deployed to make the project a success.


Sochi Olympics in Russia

Click-fit supplied the high voltage accessories for the 2014 winter Olympics. Due to the unique and easy installable Click-Fit concept, the teams of jointers were able to complete the project under a very tight deadline. In total 675 Click-Fit solutions were deployed, making the Sochi project the largest Click-Fit project up to date.


51,000 Click Fit solutions deployed worldwide

Another major milestone was achieved in 2017, where over 51,000 Click-Fit solutions were deployed across the globe. Click-Fit is now available for the entire high and extra high voltage range (72kV-550kV).

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