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Outdoor terminations are used in the high voltage power grid for connecting overhead lines to equipment such as switchgear and transformers. The terminations can also be used to connect mobile energy solution equipment.

Product Features

Dry-type termination reduces risk
in in the event of a system fault

Internal oil pressure management
for composite terminations

Silicone rubber has excellent water repellent properties in comparison to porcelain

Composite terminations save up to 80% in weight compared to traditional porcelain terminations

Product Overview

Additional components

Aerial Lug ("Nema Pad")

To adapt the termination round solid top connector into a square flat connection piece suitable for bolt connection. Available for OTC, OTP and CFT.

Optical Fiber Exit

To exit the integrated optical fibre(s) from the high voltage cable outside the wiping gland to create a possibility to connect an organiser where the fibres can be spliced. Available for OTC, OTP and CFT.

Arcing Horn

To protect the outdoor termination including the other parts of the high voltage cable system from damage during flashovers. The horns encourage the flashover to occur between themselves rather than across the surface of the insulator. Available for OTC, OTP and CFT.

Flex Dry Extension Piece

To extend the flex dry termination creating additional creepage distance for installation in heavy environmental area’s.

Flex Dry Support

This support can be installed together with the existing flexible FD termination to create a self supporting construction.

More information? Check our product-range brochure

For more information about terminations regarding product dimensions, delivery configurations, test specifications and tooling have a look at our product-range brochure. 


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