Click-Fit Joints are used in the high voltage power grids, connecting all combinations of cables with minimum effort and in less time than conventional joints. The pre-moulded, factory tested Click-Fit joints offer a fail-safe connection every time.

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Connectors are used in high voltage power grids for connecting extruded HV cables into gas insulated switchgear (GIS) or oil filled power transformers. The modular design of our connectors allows you to choose a delivery configuration that suits your needs, providing substantial savings in lead time. 

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Outdoor terminations are used in high voltage power grids for connecting overhead lines to equipment such as switchgear and transformers. Our outdoor terminations are highly reliable cable connection assemblies designed to connect any extruded high voltage cable.

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Link Boxes

Click Fit link boxes are used in high voltage power grids, connecting all types of (single core / concentric) bonding/earthing cables to the cable sheath of joints, GIS connectors or outdoor terminations. Our link boxes are designed for direct earthing, cross-bonding and single point bonded cable system designs.

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