CFC Family

Click-Fit Connectors

The dry-type Click-Fit connector CFC/CFCO is designed to connect extruded HV cables into gas insulated switchgear (GIS) or oil filled power transformers.

Product Features

Dry-type “plug in” connector

The sealing surface of the epoxy flange is specially treated to avoid gas leakage

Closed top design tested at high pres- sures to prevent internal leakage of gas

Suitable for flexible rubber cable applications

Product Overview

Additional components

GIS Test Set

To perform factory acceptance testing (FAT) of the switchgear cable box (GIS), the test set can be installed on the socket of the cable connector. The socket needs to be filled with SF6 gas during the FAT of the switchgear and will be supplied with a jointing instruction on how to install the set.

Extension Rod

To adapt the length of cable connectors from short version (dry) to long version (fluid-filled) according to IEC (L5) dimensions.

Adaptation Set CFC-245

The adaptation set has been developed to connect a 245 kV epoxy resin insulator (with different dimensions) to another IEC standard designed GIS cable box.

Corona Shield

For installation of cable connectors in transformers and other oil insulated devices. The corona shield protects against sharp-edged areas in the connection system. The corona shield can also be used in combination with an extension rod.

Blind Plug

The blind plug has been designed as a voltage protection and sealing system. It allows for the swithgear to remain in services without any high voltage cable being connected.

Outgoing Connector Rod

The outgoing connector rod is used for installation on top of cable connectors in transformers and other oil insulated devices to connect the transformer system. This component can also be used in combination with a corona shield and/or an extension rod.

"Banana" Plug Connectors

This plug connector is a testing device to carry out contact resistance tests on swithgear installed with the pre-assembled socket insulator.

Surge Arrestor Set

Surge arrestors are designed to protect the earthing system of the swithgear against undefined over voltages within the socket.

More information? Check our CFC full product-range brochure

For more information about CFC products regarding product dimensions, delivery configurations, test specifications and tooling have a look at our product-range brochure. 


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