16 reasons to choose Click-Fit

1. Tailor made solutions

We convert your needs in practical and reliable solutions.

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Our R&D department and application engineers are able to translate your specific requirements into tailor made network component solutions that fit into your cable system..

2. Calculation support

 We help you verify your system specifications.

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Our system design engineers are available to help you verify system calculations to ensure a well developed solution for your network. 

3. Tested beyond the norm

We test our network components beyond international criteria.

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In our High-Voltage Research Lab we are able to execute extensive, research, development and qualification testing programs according to various international standards.

4. Pry-Cam

We can provide you with revolutionary partial discharge measurement equipment.

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Pry-Cam is a portable instrument for automatic acquisition, processing and classification of PD signals. Pry-Cam is a portable instrument for automatic acquisition, processing and classification of PD signals. It acquires the electro-magnetic field produced by every single PD pulse without service interruption. For more information click here.

5. Complete product portfolio

Complete HV and EHV product range up to 550kV, compatible across all cable manufacturers.

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Our complete product portfolio of joints, connectors and terminations ranging from 72.5-550kV is compatible across all different cable manufacturers.

6. Pre-connectorized cable ends

Increase reliability and decrease cost with our pre-connectorized cable end s.

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Factory pre-connectorized cables are tested prior to site delivery, improving system reliability and saving time and cost during installation.

7. Full compliance with international standards

Our solutions are designed and tested according to international standards.

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Click-Fit accessories are designed and tested according (but not limited) to international standards such as IEC and NEN-HD.

8. Proven track record

At Click-Fit we have more than 20 years of experience, which results into us having deployed approximately 51,000 solutions worldwide year to date.

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We have successfully deployed over 51,000 Click-Fit solutions across the globe, from the freezing cold in Russia to the melting outback in Australia.

9. Project driven

One-stop shop for your HV system needs.

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Click-Fit is a project driven organization, which has the necessary resources and experience to succesfully and efficiently execute international turn-key projects. From training to tools and from QHSE advice to installation and turn-key project management, Click-Fit will be able to assist you in many ways.

10. Time saving up to 15% per phase

Reduce on-site jointing time up to 15% per phase.

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The unique Click-Fit concept of our pre-connectorized cable end solutions will help you to reduce installation time up-to 15% per phase.

11. HV research lab and on-site testing

We have our own HV research lab and on-site testing facilities to test our products.

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Click-Fit products are researched, developed and tested in house according to the most stringent international standards. Our on-site testing facilities allow for extenstive site-acceptance testing after installation.

12. 24/7 engineering and installation support

Around the clock project support.

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Click-Fit provides you with a dedicated support team during projects. Emergency response teams are available to be deployed for fast and effective assistance even for non-project related situations.

13. Modular design

One-concept for the entire product portfolio. 

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The unique Click-Fit locking mechanism is applied universally across the  whole product range, thereby reducing system complexity and the need for jointer training. One training is sufficient to cover all Click-Fit product families.

14. Cross-usability of tools

Only a base toolset is required to install the entire Click-Fit product range.

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When using Click-Fit products in your system, the one-concept locking mechanism allows for the usage of the same basic toolkit across the entire product portfolio effectively allowing you to save up to 67% on tooling.

15. Maintenance experience

Guaranteed maintenance expertise on-site.

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Our team of experienced professionals has a  track record characterized with global exposure regarding monitoring and diagnostics and maintenance of high voltage systems., thereby guaranteeing ample expertise on site. We are equipped with the latest revolutionary technology to measure partial discharge.

16. Supply of spare parts

Spare part contracts for global clients.

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We have the experience and resources to manage spare parts contracts and provide global logistics support.


Choosing Click-Fit means: 
the right experience and expertise to fit our solutions to your cable system.


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