Tennet TSO • BorWin 2 Offshore Platform, Germany

Execution Period:  2012 - 2014

Project Description

With the BorWin2 project, TenneT has realized a 200 kilometers long, 800 megawatt direct current (DC) grid connection. 

The wind farms Veja Mate and Global Tech 1, which are located more than 100 kilometers from the coast, can use this connection to feed large quantities of wind power into the grid. Convertor platform beta was also connected with convertor platform Alpha.  BorWin2 was officially put into service on 30 January 2015. Click-Fit provided TenneT with 48 (E)HV joints.

.220kV Project Phases


  • Converter beta platform: 24 joints
  • Veja Mate platform: 6 joints
  • Global Tech 1 platform: 6 joints


  • Converter beta platform: completion of all partially installed joint connections
  • Converter alpha platform: 12 joints completely installed

Key Succes Factors

  • Partly installed and pretested cable and joints onshore by using test plug sets.

  • Connecting the other side of joint to the AC-grid of 3 different platforms

  • Prefabricated solution to complete the joints fast and easy offshore

Network Components

Un-sectionalised joint
Network Components 48

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