Iberdrola / 50Hz • Wikinger Offshore Platform, Spain

Execution Period:  2015 - 2017

Project Description

The two piece transformer platform of the substation for the Wikinger Offshore Windfarm has been installed in the Baltic Sea.

The power generated by the wind turbines will be collected on this transformer platform and stepped up from 33 kilovolts to 220 kilovolts for transmission over the approximately 90-kilometre-long offshore cable to the 50Hertz Lubmin substation.

The installation of the GIS connector was done onshore, while the transformer connections were dismantled for transportation purposes to be reinstalled offshore, together with the export cables.

Click-Fit provided TenneT with 36 pieces of (E)HV connectors.

.220kV Project Phases

  • Onshore completed connections: 2 transformer and 3 shunt reactors (30 pcs)
  • Offshore installed connections: 2 transformers and 2 export cable connections (6 pieces)

Key Succes Factors

  • Fully-installed cable connection between two platforms onshore, including HVAC Testing (SAT)

  • Cables disconnected at one side before transport of both platforms and reinstalled offshore.

  • Prefabricated solution to complete the GIS connectors fast and easy

Network Components

GIS Connector
Network Components 36

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