TenneT • Noordoostpolder, Netherlands

Execution Period:  2012 - 2014

Project Description

In the Noordoostpolder there are many initiatives for the generation of renewable energy. The newly built Noordoostpolder wind farm, consisting of 86 mills, will generate sufficient energy to supply 400 thousand households (1,3 billion kWh per year).

To prepare the high voltage network for this additional load, TenneT commissioned the construction of a new 110-kV high-voltage station at the Westermeerdijk and a new 110 kV underground circuit running from Westermeerdijk, via Emmeloord, to Ens. In addition, the capacity of the high-voltage station in Ens was expanded. Click-Fit provided more than 300 network components for this project.

Cable Circuits

  • 145 km, 110 kV – 2000mm2 Almil – Westermeerdijk to Emmeloord
  • 2.130 km, 110 kV – 2500mm2 Almil – Emmeloord to Ens
  • 3.2,5 km, 50 kV – 1200mm2 Almil – Station cabling in Ens

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Key Succes Factors

  • Flexible supply of cables and accessories

  • Ability to complete two joint pits per jointing crew in just one week

  • Ability to coordinate multiple jointing crews to complete up to 18 joints in one week

Network Components

Outdoor Termination Straight Joint Sectionalised Joint Transition Joint GIS Connector
Network Components 35 15 264 9 18

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